Eco-pop, funny, unconventional, bbOO is unique with it's sober elegance and ethnic style,  that go beyond the appearance and code.

In recent times, the fashionable line of lucky charm bracelets has spread like wildfire. In a storm of creativity everyone, from designers to great jewelers, large shops to small artisans, wanted to launch their own ... Handcrafted, ethnic, in rare and sophisticated materials, the lucky charm bracelets are more valuable for the symbol and the message they represent  than it's instrinsic value. Lucky charm bracelets are produced almost everywhere in the world; in Brazil and the Himalayas we find  Shambala bracelets, in China and Africa we find mystical Kabbalah bracelets as worn by Madonna. They can be decorated with pendants, gemstones, pearl glass, gold, cotton, leather, Swarovski crystals, feathers, coral diamonds or wooden beads ... these are just a few materials you can find in lucky charms around the world, and they can cost from a few euros to several hundred dollars. They are trendy and hip, origina, often handcrafted and in a few words we made a tour of most cultures of the world.


Martina collection woven in alcantara thread, composed by two charms and a bamboo pearl in the middle forming the bracelet center. Each bracelet is handmade, it makes every piece unique and original.
Romanticism and exoticism bind and intertwine to give birth to the Martina bracelet.

Adjustable wrist strap with a total length of 26cm.




Gilda Collection bracelet of satin braid on a base of alcantara composed by two pretty bamboos and a knot in satin.
It's refined and elegant satin look can be worn it the day as well as in the evening.

Wrist size adjustable up to 26cm diameter.


HappybbOO, a handmade bracelet by GeoLines in Monaco in 2017, come in a limited edition  of 100 numbered copies, signed by the President of the World League for the Right to Happiness, Madame Murielle Van Boxem Drax Hilton.
Thank you for your donations supporting our actions that have already affected 5 million people. For each bracelet purchased, GeoLines will give a percentage of sales to the World League for the Right to Happiness.
Happiness is contagious, offer HappybbOO to those you love and to yourself !

HappybbOO, Gilda and Martina are also in the United States, exposed in "Jimmy Wilson Gallery " In Minneapolis, MN. Where you can find a very nice establishment, various art pieces created by himself and by guest artists.

Jimmy Wilson is a photographer, filmmaker, and writer. He produces fine art photographs, produced films about polar bears, lions, wolves and alces, and writes
a monthly piece for Internationally Known: Lifestyle and Fashion magazine.

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